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News Cafe Heraklion


Long drinks, wine, spirits and cocktails at News Cafe Heraklion! Enjoy unique spirits through a long list of options! Excellent wine etiquettes, fine drinks and creative cocktails are served everyday.

The bar of News Café Heraklion is a favourite meeting spot in Heraklion city. A great variety of fine spirits and rare drinks are being hosted here. Many wine proposals from local and foreign winemakers join our list. Creative and classic cocktail recipes impress you every night.

News Cafe Heraklion


One of the greatest drink lists of Heraklion awaits for you at News Cafe Heraklion! Unique and premium spirits, draught, fresh and bottled beers, excellent wine etiquettes from local and foreign winemakers. Signature and classic cocktails also manage to impress all of our guests. The choice is yours. Here is to fine drinking experience! Cheers!

At News Café we raise our glasses in honor of  fine drinking! We love to taste fine drinks, always responsibly and wisely. Because the best drinking experience is not only the one that brings us joy, but also the one that it’s made of the best ingredients.

News Café fine drinking experience!