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News Cafe Heraklion

News Cafe Heraklion tastes

What shall we taste at News Cafe Heraklion? Delicious dishes every day!

Our kitchen team creates everyday unique tastes for each and every moment! From early in the morning we serve you filling breakfast and delicious brunch. Every noon you can enjoy your lunch choosing among a great variety of dishes. Our desserts and sweets are really popular and can solve any of your sweet cravings! And every night dinner transfigures to a total gastronomic experience next to fine wine etiquettes.

News Cafe Heraklion


At News Café Heraklion we create everyday unique sweet and salty dishes for your breakfast, lunch or dinner! Our extensive menu hosts a great variety of savor proposals, that can satisfy even the most challenging palate! We create good food, substantial dishes and excellent tastes!

Creative dishes and good food are essential at News Café Heraklion. As we all know, good food means… good mood! So, by choice, we create appealing recipes for every tasteful desire you might have. We always use pure & fresh ingridients, so that we always can serve you dishes of high quality. We love to enjoy every moment at the table of  News Café Heraklion. Because a unique taste experience always comes along with a precious loving memory!

News Café Heraklion taste excellence!